8 Step Outline for Title 5 Septic Plan:
Step 1 Research
Research is done at the Registry of Deeds in Barnstable for applicable deeds and surveyed plot plans.

Step 2 Field Work
A survey crew is sent to the property to locate, as necessary, lot boundaries, structures, roadways, topography, existing wells and sewage (on locus and also on abutting properties), wetlands, and other relevant information.

Step 3 Preliminary Draft
Once field work is completed, the information will be computed and drafted into a site plan. A suitable location for the Title 5 System is then determined. The client's preference for the location of the system can be implemented if options exist and code requirements can still be met.

Step 4 Percolation and Soil Test
With an area for the proposed septic determined, soil testing is required in this location. The soil test consists of digging a minimum of two (2) holes, approximately 10'-15' deep, with either a backhoe or excavator. A soil profile is taken and a percolation test is performed. The results of these tests dictate the type and size of the system. The holes are then filled in and roughly graded over. We are not responsible for returning the grounds to their original condition. If unsuitable soil conditions are found, more testing may be necessary, resulting in additional billing. These third party charges, paid by FELCO, INC., will be billed accordingly as they pertain to your project.

Step 5 Design
The system is then designed to meet the proposed or existing dwelling water usage. The site plan with the septic system location, topography, cross-section view of septic components to be used, design calculations, and soil tests are then incorporated into a "Title 5 Site and Sewage Plan".

Step 6 Final Plans
A copy of the final plan will be given to the owner for review and comment. Upon receipt of payment, copies of the plan will be distributed to septic system contractors of your choice for bidding purposes. The septic system contractor will submit the Plan to the Board of Health and obtain the installation permit.

Step 7 Construction Phase
In many cases it is necessary to stake the locations of the septic components, wells, and foundations on the locus property. FELCO, INC. recommends staking whenever minimum setback distances are critical.

Step 8 Certification
Title 5 Regulations require the Designer to certify that the septic system was installed in accordance with the approved Septic System Plan. A "Certificate of Compliance Letter" is then sent to the Board of Health certifying the installation. An "As-Built Plan", detailing actual locations, is required in certain towns.
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